Erasmus+ No memorize anymore come and play for more- Terzo meeting di progetto in Turchia

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I’m very proud of this experience.

Firstly, I was nervous but once I met the family I felt warmly welcome.

They treated me as  if I were their daughter, they prepared a lot of typical Turkish food, they gave me so many gifts and they were always really kind.

The city of Trabzon is very clean and organized, reaching places was simple thanks to the very efficient public means of transport.

Among the many activities we did, the ones I really enjoyed were the many games that they organized.

The teams were composed by students of various nationalities  we soon became best friends with having fun together.

It was an unforgettable experience and I recommend it to everyone.

Paola Adriana La Rocca IV L Liceo Linguistico


I never expected to live an experience like this. It was great!

The family where I was, made me feel part of it, as if I were at home, giving me much affection and preparing every day several kinds of typical dishes of Turkey, but especially my partner was like a sister with whom I spent some beautiful moments.

The town of Trabzon is very big and there are so many things to do.

During the week, we went to a school to participate in a project which consisted in building a robot.

The students from different countries were divided into groups.

We became friends, learned new things and having fun doing it.

Alessia Motta IV L Liceo Linguistico

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